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Very Faint Positive Pregnancy Test

I have been feeling the effects of being pregnant, very sore heavy boobs, random nausea which disappears when i eat, bloating, and am a few days over due on my period so decided to do a PG test...... at first glance i assumed it was negative but on closer inspection could see a faint second line indicating a positive result.

Showed my DH and he could see it too but only just and feel a bit like we are going mad.

I have done two more tests today, all different makes and all of them seem to do the same thing.... look negative but with a very faint mark where the positive line should be.

All of them show the colour that they should be rather than just the greyish line that sometimes show so I'm not sure what to think.

I have bought a digital test and thought i might do that first thing tomorrow but think i'm getting a bit obsessed with it.

I say i am a few days overdue but this is based on my having a coil removed about two months ago and recording my last cycle as commencing 10th November..... having only had one cycle since its removal i haven't been able to confirm if my cycles are 28 days exactly or not. image

What does everyone think?



  • I think you're probably pregnant image I wouldn't do the digital just yet as I've read they're not that reliable early on (although it detected my pregnancy at 1-2 weeks).
  • Thanks, thought I'd leave it a couple of days but its so frustrating!
  • Do it anyway! You can always get another one!!
  • Thanks.... So far I've bought 5 tests today, had one left which I used yesterday then used two new ones today.... Haven't done a first thing test yet..... I just want one to show me a proper line rather than a faint one image
  • mine were the same. but mine were cheap tests off the net. all showed a very very faint line that i could see but my bf was iffy about saying thats not a positive.

    i went out and bought a digital and it indeed said pregnant 1-2.

    i deffo say try the digital. you not obsessed, us girls are all the same when it comes to seeing lines, we repeatedly test lol

  • I'm gonna do the digital one in the morning....... See what it says.... If not night go to the doc and see if the can do a blood test. ????
  • Well we didn't imagine it! Digital says Pregnant 1-2 weeks! ????
  • congrats lucilles! happy and healthy pregnancy to you xx


  • Congratulations image xx
  • Congratulations! xx

  • I knew I was pregnant before I was even due on, and had a VERY faint line, one that I had to hold the test up to the light to even see.. Two further tests after that were same, but as days went on the lines got darker... I even did a variety of "brands" to prove it to myself (and hubby)... I'm now 29 weeks pregnant....

    Sounds like you are pregnant too... Congrats!!!! x

  • aww congratulations! x

  • lucilles - I am in the exact same position to you with the very very faint postive.......think I'll get a digi today too, and see how I get on tomorrow.

    congrats on your BFP x

  • I'm looking to get opinoins...Is this a positive? it's so faint!!! Also I must add my husband had a vasectomy over 10 years, which is when it's very common for them to reverse...Still it's so faint I feel as though I've imagined it...I am not due for my period for almost 2 weeks so I know most will say you have to wait image just anxious.  Any help please and thank you! 





  • never seen a test that needs a cross to be positive! i think that maybe there is a very thin line, not quite central, slightly to the right?? are we seeing the same thing??i wouldnt be too convinced yet though. try another one anyways, do one first thing in the morning, ive driven myself crazy doing this before, turns out it was just too early to get a clear result!

    two weeks before period is due isnt likely to show up anyways, mine were always very very questionably faint even 4 days before period due, unless you try a digital one?? xx

  • I took a test yesterday. I looked at it after 3 minutes and didn't see a second line. I have it all charted out with my OPKs also. I looked at it this morning and there is a very very very faint line. I took another one this morning and it was even mor faint. I took another one a couple hours ago, I dont know if I see one or just imagining it. Then I took another a few minutes ago (I think Im obsessed and I don't really see one. I was worried that the one I took yesterday had a positive 12 hours later would be invalid, but I looked at all the pregnancy tests from this cycle and not one of them had a faint line (due to evaperation or whatever from sitting). What do you all think?? I'm just to anxious! We have been trying so long !

  • It looks positive to me hun!!image I am the same I have took a pg test yesterday with a very faint pink line was the same when i had my daughter 7yrs ago had to squint to see the line and then you think your going mad so off i pop to the doctors who now say they dont do a check the shop tests are just as good and if it says im pg then book in with the midwife to put spanner in works I have endometriosis and havent got a clue how far gone id be so then id need a dating scan and im worried that if the test was a wrong reading ill not see anything on the scan xx

  • Try the clear blue that dates it.... I did in the end and it said 1-2weeks which is why it was so faint. I'm now 6 months gone so good luck!

  • hi alyssa! best thing to do is do a test first thing in the morning, and go by that, even if it is faint it is still a positive, i would also go by a fresh reading rather than one that has been sat around, it is likely that a fresh one in the morning will be darker as you have more of the pregnancy hormone HcG in your urine first morning pee. good luck xx

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