Scared about first scan....

Hi everyone,

I have my first 12 week scan tomorrow, however, I can't help feeling like something is going to be wrong, like they can't find a heartbeat or something like that. Is anyone else feeling like this?

I found out I was pregnant quite early (when I was 4 weeks) and it seems like I've had to wait ages for my scan, so I don't know whether this is the reason I am feeling like I am?

I just want it to be tomorrow so that I know everything is ok. Hope I'm not being paranoid and that there are others out there that are feeling the same. x


  • Please don't worry because I think most people feel like this before their 12 week scan. Even after I had mine I still felt like something was wrong so I paid for a private scan at 15 weeks and once again everything was fine. I am still paranoid now at 16 weeks pregnant because I don't feel pregnant. I have a bump and I am tired with sore boobs, but all other symptoms are gone ie. morning sickness, food aversions/cravings. I am just going to have to wait now til 20 weeks as I can't keep shelling out money on private scans. Until you are pregnant, I don't think you realise how precious an unborn is. 

  • I'm exactly the same! I've had hardly any symptoms either apart from the fact I have a rather big bump for 12 weeks, but just feel sick with fear that something isn't right. I'm not a worrier usually either! It's strange! You are right it's so precious as it means so much to you. Thank you for your reassuring words xx
  • Hi,

    I am being the same - im 8weeks (i found out when i was 5) iv not even seen my midwife yet other than 5min chat on the phone....

    I got some cheap preg tests and iv been doing them, image always so positive and the line is getting darker and darker each time image bump is growing well & the sickness is reassuring me image


    hope all goes well xxxxxx

  • I felt like that and chewed off all my nails in the waiting room! lol

    As soon as i layed on the bed i was waiting for her to say 'sorry but theres no heartbeat', but she turned the screen toward me and said 'theres your baby'! It was so over welming i didnt say anything just stared at my little flump moving around, it was magical! Im sure i will be the same for you, good luck xxxx

  • I have scan in 2 days im scared to death i dont even feel pregnant no symptoms that your supposed to get i feel i should be lucky but i feel like there no baby in there im 10weeks now should be. Not the only one to feel like this it my first baby to after 3 yrs trying. Baby dust to all image

  • I feel exactly the same! I think it's normal to feel so scared, even though we are pregnant it's like you need confirmation! 


    I haven't had any scans yet, I'm 10 weeks and waiting for letter with a scan date. I don't think I'll be able to breathe in the waiting room - I too, keep imagining those words, 'I'm so sorry' ..... so so hard but we will be fine girls. 


    If you have had no bleeding etc, the chances are really high that everything will be just fine xx

  • I'm also dreading this and just pray everything will be ok....Ive already had a early scan at 7 weeks due to a bit of spotting which they found was a bruise. Heartbeat was strong as well..I just hope that it stays that way and still will be when I go for my 12 week in a couple week x

  • I found come comfort in reading these posts although I am still very scared, I do not know how far along I am and I had been smoking excessively just before I found out I was pregnant, which makes me even more scared. I have stopped now, cold turkey because I don't want to put our baby at risk. I'm so afraid of hearing those words tomorrow, about the heartbeat. My boyfriend on the other hand is actually so excited and hopeful. I will be praying so much for our blessing to be alive and healthy.

  • LeoP with my first I was so scared and was shaking going into the room to be scanned and said to my oh I feel sick with worry but everything turned out okay he was there heart beating and very wriggly. It’s good you’ve stopped smoking cold turkey I did it cold turkey (I wasmy pregnant or trying at the time) xx

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