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very faint line on first response pregnancy test

Hi Ladies, I done a first response pregnancy test today at 9dpo (5 days before my expected period) and got a very very very faint line as a result, however I am unsure if this is a positive. I plan to do another test tomorrow but just keen to find out! I was hoping someone can please help!





  • I'm experiencing the exact same thing!

    Im also expecting my period in 5 days and took a First Response test. The line is so faint I feel like I'm imagining it.

    Opinions anyone??

    Im trying to upload a pic but can't figure it out.

  • That's just what mine looked like at 8dpo and well u can c from my signature! Good luck, test again in a few days time! image x

  • I just came from the doctors! I couldnt wait any longer!

    I'm pregnant!! image

    So, I guess a line really is a line.

    Good Luck all xo.

  • I'm 5 days late. I did a test last week and stupidly looked after the time your supposed to and saw a shadow. I had a small smear of blood on due day then nothing. Tested this morning and got another shadow. Then did anothervat lunch and got a more obvious shadow! So think I am too!!! What did the doc say? Did you show them your test?

  • Hi Nattyb82,

    What do you mean by shadow? If you could see the positive line, no matter how light and barely there it is, it is still a positive line. It means that the test detected the pregnancy hormone hcg. That's what the doctor told me. I brought the test to show him what I meant and he confirmed it image Good Luck to you. Let us know what happe a

  • Yaaaay congrats both xxx

  • It was very very faint. But re tested today and got a decent line! I had a feeling I was! Feeling a bit puke tho lol! I'm sooooo excited. Wish my man was here to celebrate. Bad timing for a holiday lol

  • That's amazing news Natty!! Congrats!!

    Good Luck with everything!

  • Congratulations. xxx

  • Big congrats to u all x

  • image


    Hi ,


    i have two lines far apart and also one dark and one light. Does it mean pregnant?

  • A line is a line- im sure this means you are! try a clear blue didigtal! xx

  • Thanks for the response. I'll do a repeat test and confirmimage

  • Hey I got faint lines on cheap Internet tests the day I was due on. That was last Wednesday. Not came on as of yet and waiting a while until I do another one just because last time I found out I was pregnant I did about 18 one after the other because I could not believe it as it was faint. Sadly that pregnancy ended earlier this year so this time I think I will just wait and test later and hopefully get my two dark lines. 


    Messy x





  • Hi Im new to this and I am very concerned about being pregnant! I took two tests today which showed two faint lines. In the first test the line appeared to be coloured slightly. The second one was more or less similar! I was such in a panic that I needed to try a digital test which came up NOT PREGNANT. I'm am very concerned because I am over a week late of getting my period. It would be great if I could get feedback from yerselves thanks
  • Hey ladies I did I pregnancy test today, but it came out really faint. I'm not sure if I'm just seeing things or it is really there can someone please help me.
  • I'm sorry I'm trying to upload a picture but I'm having such a hard time right now.
  • Hi ladies, i did 2 FR tests yesterday... Both came back with faint lines, then today i did a third one, which came back positive but a faint line again!!!! But ive done 2 digital tests and both said NOT PREGNANT but mother natures nit due till Sunday.., so im wondering if its just a bit early to tell, got doc appt on Tuesday as me and my partner want to get excited but cant until we see PREGNANT on a test.
  • Hey everyone i have the same thing done three tests and can see a very very faint line on all three but im not due a period untill the 18th.. could i be pregnant?

  • image


    Sorry for the huge picture, did this test this morning and there is the faintest of lines, but it isn't as wide as he other line...could this be an evaporation line? Xx

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