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Pregnancy symptoms with third pregnancy

Hi. I just wondered if anyone felt their pregnancy symptoms sooner with their 3+ pregnancy? I felt period pains etc before AF was due with both of my other pregnancies but this time I seem to have had pulling / stretching pains since about 4/5 dpo. just wondered what others had experienced? Thanks a lot x 


  • Im 16 weeks with my 5th hun, and I deffo knew a few days dpo.  I started feeling sicky straight away,  I couldnt stop weeing, had sore boobs, my cm dried up for a bit, I had v light cramps, and v bad wind! Lol. x

  • im 37wks with #3 and i knew from being 3dpo. with my other two, with my first it was 6dpo when i had spotting and my second i had a feeling but wasnt so sure until i got a positive at 11dpo. but this time i knew from being 3dpo, wanting mc donalds as soon as i woke up at 7am. being more hungry than usual. then there was more cramping than usual around 7-8dpo. and i got a posiitve at 9dpo x

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