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Finding out the babys sex

Hi all...

This is my first pregnancy and i have my 20wk scan on friday. People are asking if im finding out the sex and im saying yes & they are getting face on as they dont want to know.

Both me and my other half want to know as hes got two boys from a previous relasionship.


Is anyone else dying to find out.? xx


  • YES  and i also have my 20 week scan on friday image

  • Iains, Im so excited. Everyone is saying its a boy, with how im carrying. My appointment it as 5pm, so have to wait all day image xx

  • Hiya Nicola,

    We are not finding out but ignore other people this is you and your OH's special time and yours to do with as you see fit.. Best wishes for your scan on friday. xx

  • Its a totally personal thing, i can understand why people wait for the surprise but in far too impatient! Need to know! Even having a private early gender scan at 16weeks! Ignore everyone else, do what you want to do! Xx

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