Due in February 2014

Hi everyone!

After 6 months TTC i got my BFP on Sunday and am over the moon!

According to my calulations (will get confirmed by the doctor this evening) i will be due to Feb 7th 2014!

Any other ladies out there due in feb too? xx



  • congratulations image)) 

    im due 1st jan... we're still waiting for our forum too!! xx

  • Thank you! Yay how exciting when we get our own forum! xx

  • I'm also due 7th of feb, this is my fourth pregnancy and what will be my 3rd baby all being well. My last pregnancy was an ectopic so I'm very nervous this time round I have an early scan week after next. Xxx

  • im not due feb but congratulations hun image xx

  • Hi mummy an baby- due date buddies! Im havign an early scan at 8 weeks xx

  • Congrats everyone, thought I was due 10th feb but clear blue digital seems to indicate I'm more like 3rd feb. can't wait for first scan xx

  • Im getting an early scan at 8 weeks (in about 3 weeks time) and soooooooooo excited! x

  • Morning ladies! Congratulations on your BFP's! I just got mine so will be due in early Feb too - can't believe it I'm in complete shock! xxx

  • Awh Lou congratulations! Xx

  • Hey every one lovely to see all these bfp's I did a clear blue digital this morning and got  2-3 so looking good so far, can't wait for our group to be up and running properly. 

    fabulicious my due date is my hubby's birthday, my first was also due on my birthday and arrived the day after xx

  • Yay! I did my clear blue one last night and it said 3+- maybe im earlier than feb 7th? xx

  • Hi Ladies. According to my calculations I'm due Feb 2nd with my first little one. Have seen the doctor and she didn't test me or take any dates just told me to see the midwife who according to the receptionist won't be calling me to make contact for about 3 weeks so I'm winging it for the time being lol. 

  • Hi all,

    Can I join your group please? I got my bfp on Friday & reckon my due date will be around 3rd Feb. Very nervous this time round due to an early mc in Feb, but hoping this bean is sticky.

    Best of luck to everyone x x

  • Hi Ladies, I got my bfp last night (cbd 2-3wks) and im still in shock! Should be due mid Feb. Got my first doctors appointment next Thursday.

    Probably like most you im trying not to get too excited as it is still very early days and im really hoping for a sticky bean!!

    Really looking forward to sharing our journeys! Lots of luck to us all!! xx

  • Yay welcome new bfp'ers. Mines starting to sink in starting to feel really excited now. Cnt wait to tell my little girl and my mum n dad, just not quite ready yet but all my mates know and his family and my lil sis know x

  • I haven't told anyone yet, it's killing me though! x

  • I just told my brother and his girlfriend as they live in Canada and told me the second they found out they were having my nephew. Was amazing to see their reaction and get advice from her as she's 26 weeks pregnant with my 2nd nephew image xx

  • Hi all,

    I took CBD on Tuesday and came out at 3+ (so I'm guessing that would make me nearly 6 weeks?!). Went and saw the doctor yesterday but feeling a bit down about it all to be honest. I cant figure out when I conceived as I came off the mini pill and never had a period, and have been having constant dull ache on my right side for over a week. The doc just said call back if it gets really bad, but I think in the back of my mind I'm worrying about ectopic due to conceiving after cerazette. 

    All ladies sound jolly and happy and I'm just a cloud of doom right now!! My poor OH!! 

  • im due 14thh feb !! found out on wed image


  • Valentines baby! Congrats x

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