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How will we cope? Financially

I'm still so very worried... 


I work part time on average 15 hours a week coming home with £122 a week. I am a supply nursery nurse and have no contract.. I have only worked for the company since April 2013 on/off depending on if they have the work..


I won't be entitled to any maternity pay from this company and certainly don't think I will be entitled to any help from DWP. 


My partner is a prison officer working 40 plus hours a week and on a salary of just over 18k.. 

We aren't classed as on a low income so don't think we will be entitled to any help.. 

Does anyone know if anyone has been in this situation or know of any benefit/money I may be entitled too?


I keep feeling sick to the core because of this.


Thanks in advance. xxx


  • Hi - you are definately entitled to child benefit - we get paid £81 per month roughly, and we get paid more per month than you, although some of it may be taxed back off us.

    You can't actually apply for it until your LO is born, but they backdate it to the month of birth.

    You should also get SMP (Stat maternity pay) whilst you are on mat leave - I believe this is regardless of how long you have worked at a company.

    If you aren't eligible to this for some reason, I believe you are entitled to maternity allowance from DWP instead - I'm not sure exactly how this works.

    Not going to help you too much in 2014, but in 2015 there are new rules coming in which mean you can get up to 20% of your childcare costs paid for by government - again I don't believe this is dependent on your income.

    I'm afraid I am not aware of anything else - might be worth calling citizen advice bureau or DWP?

    Hope that helps!

  • Thank you, yeah that has helped a great deal hun. Thank you so much. xxx

  • You will get tax credits too. You have to be working for your employer for 26 weeks when you get to your 26th week of pregnancy to get smp. If not you will get mat allowance from the job center as long as you can show them wage slips proving u have earnt at least 30 a week for 26 of the 66 weeks running up to the week baby is due. They dont have to be consecutive weeks and don't have to be for the same employer. Im going for mat allowance as being made redundant in 3 weeks time. Luckily my oh earns 30k+ so we can manage if I don't find another job. U do manage tho mate we struggled like hell with our first I remember clearing my penny jar to go tesco for baby wipes, but we got thru it u just find a way as long as that babys got what it needs (and they dont need expensive stuff u can get bargains everywhere these days) you just carry on and the most important thing Is the love they get which is free image x

  • Thank you all. xxx

  • I've had recent worries of this as stupidly handed my notice in while we were ttc thinking it would take longer. I start my new job next week and as a result won't get smp. Bit gutted as possibly forfeited over £1500 while I'll be off. Trying to forget about it now though!! X

  • Sessie as long as you have been working you will still get Maternity Allowance so try not to worry. Maternity allowance can sometimes be paid up to the same amount as SMP - I worked out Ill actually be better off using my old wage slips from my old job where I was earning more to get maternity allowance (the more you earn the more you get think max is about £135 a week) than if I got smp from my new job which would probably only pay me about £90 a week


  • I'm not stressing about it so much now image 

    i was under the impression that you would be paid a minimum of 90% of your earnings for 6 weeks and then half your wage for an extended period? Which for me would work out a lot more than £135 a week. Either way, anything helps so trying not to worry now image 

  • Yeah just enjoy your pregnancy, money troubles sort themselves out x

  • Nobody can answer exactly for you, babies do cost a lot to look after & costs rise & fall all the time.

    If you have been employed for 26wks prior to baby's birth you will be entitled to MA if not SMP (you may need to provide some evidence of payslips/bank account but generally it isn't too difficult to prove).

    Once baby is born you should receive your claimforms for child benefit & tax credits within your 'bounty pack' from the hospital.  Child benefits are typically £20 a week for your first child & £13 a week for subsequent children usually paid every 4wks.  Tax credits work slightly differently depending upon your own individual circumstances but generally if you are jointly earning below £32000 each year you should qualify for something (calculators on HMRC & can give you rough ideas of how much).  Tax credits are slowly being lumped under 'universal credit' but again are typically paid 4weekly.

    It is also helpful to start applying to 'mother/baby clubs' such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Pampers, Huggies, Hipp, Ellas you will get regular 'money off' coupons for baby essentials (nappies, wipes, toiletries, food, maternity bits...).

  • Can you claim for anything before the baby is born if you are working? xx

  • SMP/MA is payable once you start maternity leave which can be around 11wks before baby is due (though many women wait until closer to their due date) but this is the only 'maternity/paternity' related payment you will receive before baby is born.  Other benefits & Tax Credits will come down to your individual circumstance (Housing Allowance, Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Disability Living Allowance/Personal Idependance Payment, Pension Credits...) but you can generally enquire with your local HMRC office or Citizens Advice Bureau about your entitlements. X

  • Thank you, all your help and information is greatly appreciated. xx

  • Hi I hope you found the solution to this by now, just following off the back of finance issues, I am looking to become pregnant with hubby 6th time lucky! However Just to make sure were safe when the time comes, I run a small business whilst my husband works full time, finances are ok but i want to try & shift my business to automatic so it can bring in passive income, I've spoke with my bookkeepers who can ensure that side will run smoothly so thank you to them! However I wanted to ask for all the mums in this position, will this affect my Tax, is there some sort of grant I can fall back on if it all goes to pot? Also will any allowances be affected by this? I've been trying to go through these docs, but wanted to ask the experts really!

    Thank you guys & again hope you found the solution


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