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Any positive stories? Bleeding at 5-6 weeks, too early for scan

I feel like I clutching at straws here but hoping some of you had bleeding then went on to have healthy pregnancies? According to lmp I'm 6.5 weeks, but went for an early scan and they could only see a sac so they said I must have ovulated late. Going back in 2 weeks. The MW's didn't seem at all worried; they said there are no cysts or haemorages and everything is in the right place. But I'm still bleeding and I've convinced myself I'm going to lose my baby or have a blighted ovum. Anyone had this? Good or bad outcomes welcome. Can't believe I'm effectively back in the 2 week wait AFTER my BFP! image x



  • Bless you babe Ive seen it happen loads where ladies have gone in too early. The MW dont seem worried which is a good sign. Really really got my fingers crossed for you hun how is the bleeding now?


  • Thanks LH. I'm so scared! The docs have done everything they can so I have to learn to wait it out now. It's mainly brown spotting when I wipe (bit heavier than before) but have had some bright red blood on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Back to brown spotting now. I know it's silly to post on here as there's nothing anyone can do but I've never been this scared before and 2 weeks is such a long time to wait.  I'm watching what to expect when you're expecting which is probably not very sensible! x

  • image are you getting any clots or cramps? Hopefully it clears up soon. Have you taken another pregnancy test at all? X

  • I've had mild cramping on and off, no clots. I don't have any pregnancy tests, might get some in a few days. X

  • Yeah might just put your mind at ease to c a positive. Keep us posted thinking of u xx

  • Still thinking of you hun xxx

  • Lots of pma for us all xxx

  • Hi Lou, I just wanted you to know that I went in for an early scan on Mon, & I also have to go back in 2 weeks. Like with you they only saw a sac. The wait is totally awful isn't it! x x

  • Oh supastar sorry to hear you're also having to wait image I agree it's totally the worst feeling. I rolled my car off the motorway a few years ago - I'd happily do that 100 times over before doing this again!

    Why did you need a scan? When is your next one? xxx

  • I'd had some cramps & light bleeding which has seemed to ease now, but I seem to be feeling 'achey' often. I had a mc in Feb, so was absolutely terrified it was happening again. I was 6.6 on Mon, so am thinking we are around the same point?

    I had a scan last Tues but they couldnt see anything, and have had 3 blood tests since where the hgc has only increased by 30% each time, so they called me in for a 2nd scan on Monday where they saw the sac. Now I have to wait another 2 weeks until same date as you - 1st July.

    I do feel abit better knowing they could see the same thing at both our scans. FC hun x x

  • Oh I am so sorry to hear about your mc. It's horrible to even think about it so I can't imagine what it's like to go through it.

    I have no idea how far along I am because I don't know when I ovulated. My LMP was 3 May which would make me 6+6 like you if I ovulated on time, but I think O ov'd a little late. It's very confusing.

    They haven't taken bloods from me, think that's pretty weird - I was sent straight in for the scan.

    Do you have any symptoms??

    Fingers crossed we both have sticky beans!! xxx

  • I only had bloods cuz they couldnt really see anything at first scan. I think they prefer to monitor you by scan if they can bcuz the blood tests are only an indication as to what your levels are doing, where as they can tell growth etc from scan measurements. Not too many symptoms, can never get comfortable sitting/lying etc, light nausea on and off & last couple of days my nipples have felt like they are on fire (sorry tmi). How about you? x x

  • My symptoms r the only thing keeping me going at the mo. Ive got real sore veiny boobs achey hips n been trying not to puke all day. Totally lost my appetite. Cnt wait to c my midwife I'm pretty sure I have an incompetent cervix n need a stitch x

  • I'm worried because my only symptoms are painful boobs, hormones (which I have anyway) and needing an afternoon nap. This sounds crazy but I actually wish I had morning sickness! I hope a lack of symptoms isn't a bad thing. I guess I also feel kind of heavy in my lower abdomen too.  xxx

  • This pregnancy (38weeks today) I bled the date AF was due for 12 days. Thought it was AF because of the time it started, but then the bleeding was only about half my normal flow and went on longer than usual, so tested and got bfp. Had scan at hosp and they saw a gest sac with maybe a fetal pole. Had a heart beat a week later and routine pregnancy since then. (3 mc's and one child prior to this preg).

    Good luck!!

  • Thanks gemgems - good to hear a success story. Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck with the birth!! How exciting for you xxx

  • Lou- how are things now? xx

  • Same really thanks Fab. Brown spotting on and off constantly with the odd bit of blood. really hoping Bean in still alive in there and we'll see a heartbeat on Monday. 

    How are you? Looking forward to your scan on Saturday? Xxx

  • Hi all. Im new to this but thought id try and give you some hope. I too suffered bleeding early on and also was told my dates werent accurate and was two weeks behind. The bleeding tailed off after a week or so and i had a scan last week and all is fine. I suffered a miscarriage last year so know the stress and worry all too well. 

  • Thanks rose, Hopefully bean is ok in there. Sorry about your mc and congrats on your bfp xx

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