Cd24 and 11dpo negative result.....

Hi girls need some help...

As it says im on Cd24 and 11dpo or so my app says but this morning using first pee i got a negative.

My cylces are short some times 24 and at the most 26 days.

I used a 1st response test but didnt even see a shadow of a line image

Iv had god nos how many symptoms this month yet nothing....

Did i test to soon?????

My last pregnancy i tested day before af using clear blue digital and got a positive

Bean lost at 8 weeks image

1st pregnancy was also picked up day before my Af and he will be 1 next month image


  • I know some ladies don't get bfps till like 20dpo ridiculous as it sounds, hoping its a shy bean and just taking a little time to show xx

  • Snap babe but im not 100% sure now :'( still no AF tho xx

  • Taint over till she rears that big old ugly head of hers chick x

  • Lol thanks huni image gonna do a cbd on friday if still a no show other wise il just have to put it down to the m/c and look forward to chilling on holiday in a few weeks and start ttc again in septmber.

    Im not gonna let it get to me what will be will be right?

    I keep saying to my self i have a beautiful little boy so i know i can have a sticky bean just gonna take some time me thinks xxx

  • Yeah don't let it get u down just chillax on holiday n enjoy it xx

  • Hi Hun, I only got a very faint line on the day af was due with frer, so it's not over til she arrives fingers x for u xxx

  • Thanks Nikkik im gonna test again friday morning now still no AF as of yet xx

  • Definitely test again on Friday image

    but bodies can so strange things and give us odd symptoms for no reason.

  • Thanks tulipRose

    I will be testing friday as with both my 1st pregnancy and m/c i got a possitive result 1 day before period was due so im now a day over my normal 24 day cycle so hoping by friday if i am i am if not hurry up AF so i can get back to charting and ttc xx

  • Hey ladies,

    Just a quick update - Bad News AGAIN - the witch got me last night / this morning so I'm devastated. Looks like my body is settling on 35 day cycles now (big jump from 26 day cycles before the MC).

    Well, there is always next month, ehhh? 


  • Hi sweetjudy21 can you tell the evil witch to come my way please so i can crack on for next minth.....

     Sorry she came to u image i did my test this morning and still nothing big fat negative just eant my AF to show up now! She should have been here tuesday hoping she shows up either today or tomoz as iv noticed iv been a bit snappy last 2 days and the spots on the top of my legs showed up last night which are my tell tale signs she is on her way just hurry up!

    Gonna not ttc august put it out of my mind and just enjoy my little boys 1st birthday and our holiday and will try again in september.

    Hope you get a big fat positive next month tho xxx

  • Hi Sarah,

    I had all the preg symptoms yesterday - even very bad nausea and slight cramping anf tngling down below. And I stupidly thought that it wasn't AF - talk about not being in denial ehh? Will try again next month ....

    You never know, it might happen on holiday? You will be more relaxed on holiday so you never know? I will keep my fingers crossed anyway ...

    I forgot to take my temp this morning so will start tomorrow image 

    I'm trying to look at the positives, but only found two - can carry on with my work-outs and the ov tests I bought will not go to waste image

    I really hope that it happens for you soon Sarah xxxx

  • Thanks again babe u never know next month could be our month image

    Im feeling ok about it all just wish AF would show up now and think it will either 2n8te or 2moz as i got that very heavy feeling and cramps in my left side.

    Going to out some of thus energy into my little boy who will be 1 in a few weeks got his party to sort out and put the ttc to the back of my mind, it will happen when it happens no matter how soon i want it to my body will know whens best....if it was up to me all of us ttc would already have our little beans lol

    Keep in touch babe il pop on here and see how everyone is doing and u never know i might be putting up a whoop whoop post in a month or so xxx

  • Hey Sarah,

    You are right image

    Enjoy your little boy's party and your holiday and keep in touch. I will do all I can to concieve this month image image 


  • Lol you never know me not trying might work hahaha hope we get our positives results soon xx

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