So I'm getting a bit obsessed with the whole nub and skull theory lol I need something to keep me occupied while I'm out of work and waiting for my gender scan. I have a feeling my baby is a boy and have had 16 boy guesses vs 3 girl guesses. Id love to guess your babies gender from your 12 week scans if anyone wants to try for a bit of fun! Here's my pic x





  • This would have been great a week ago for me lol! Been itching to know what im having and kept analysing my scan picture but i found out on tuesday! i wonder whether there would have been any tell tale signs frkom the picture!! Xxx

  • What ru having chick? Or is it a secret image

    thanks bellasmummy. I'm so hoping that's a little pee pee down there lol! I've just moved my scan forward to 31st aug can't wait to find out. Ill be happy whatever, with all the complications I've got it'll just be nice to have it here safe and not too early, but Im so desperate for a boy. Don't think I can take another daddy's girl lol I have such trouble with my dd its unreal! X

  • We r having a boy! Thought it was from the start. So excited. R u hoping for one or the other?xx

  • Just seen you are desperate for a boy. Lol. Such an exciting time. I found out early because im only 18 weeks xx

  • I find out aug 31st when I'm 17 weeks x

  • Having a boy too! I think urs will be looking at that scan pic. Had my scan early as was itching to know!! How far gone are you xx

  • Sorry phone is playing up, didnt show msgs had sent! not too long to wait for you now!! Have the complications stopped now??xx

  • 4 weeks for me ill b 17+1 can't wait. Then I think I've gotta have a transvaginal 2 days later so may get to see bubs again then again 3 weeks later at my detailed scan x

  • So exciting! Be sure to share the news  image xx

  • I will do. Haven't had a bleed since about mid July but as I had a lot if my cervix removed last jan I'm on consultant led care as apparently am at higher risk of premature birth and low birthweight. Ill just have to keep going in to hospital for extra scans to measure my cervix I think. Think there's a blood test they can do now aswell that can indicate if you might go in to labour early x

  • I'm 13+1 4 weeks today cnt wait x

  • Here's mine for you to guess




  • Should have said the scan is 12+2 and I'm now 14 tomorrow

  • Here you go. 



  • Can you see my pics? I can't lol 

  • I can't see a nub chick but if I had to guess id go girl as skull looks quite rounded x

  • I think girl too, no idea why but I just have that inkling. Never really saw myself having a boy. 

    Think we are going to wait till bubs is here to find out too so I'm in for a long wait. 

  • Awwww we've got a scan soon to find out. I'm too impatient lol x

  • Here's mine if you want a guess! 13+5



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