Hi girls so it looks like the negative test results i got where right last week as it looks like my AF has finally arived image

I was worried after my m/c some thing was wrong....4 days late this month and iv had some light spotting this evening, belly and back ache.

Yes im gutted its here but glad to know my body is ok after the m/c.

Si im now back to cd1 anyone else out there at the start of there cycles?

Ttc this month will be a bit hard as got mother staying and then we are away so will just have to see if we get any luck if not roll on september so we can try again.



  • Brill u might find the holiday helps u both relax xx

  • Thanks babe i hope so image i just feel so happy to know that AF is here and my body is back to normal so quickly after the m/c.

    I know some poor ladies wait months and months before their periods return so im lucky really i supose xxx

  • Woooooo! Glad you got af at last, not as good as a bfp of course but at least you know everythings ok image you never know, with your mum staying and going away you may just get lucky if you do bd because you might not be thinking about it as much! Hoping so anyway image good luck to you babe xxx

  • Im also at the start of mines, I was hoping it would be some type of Impp. but its not. Good luck to you all! image

  • Thank you girls on wards and up wards as they say we live to fight another month and hoping we all get our sticky beans soon xx

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