Hi All,

Im kind of new to this and have been reading and doing a lot of research into the process of getting pregnant.

If any of you have a minuite id appreciate if you could have a read of this and advise what you might think my chances are this month of getting pregnant this month.

I bought the ovulation strips and used them to detect ovulation this month , i didnt wait until i got the 2 clear red lines as wanted to try even before ovulation as this only appeared this saturday / sunday however i noticed some pain lower to right side as early as last tuesday & was very emotional so i thought id begin trying earlier so last Tuesday which was my 12th day of cycle . On the wednesay i noticed the stretchy mucas so went again that day and also on Saturday morniing. Today is my 18 day of cycle and still have double lines so i think im just day after actual ovulation and i have a good bit of cramping still ?


can you of you lovely mammys to be advise what you think



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