OmGosh, please help me!!! i'm sooo confused... Here's my story...

I was on birth control for more than 5 years. Dec 29 I got my period and stopped on Jan 1. On Jan 2nd, I started a new pack of birth control, BUT I ONLY TOOK 5 PILLS FROM THAT PACK AND STOPPED. Then on Jan 18, I fooled around with my best friend (did NOT have intercourse at all, but he touched me and I think he might had PRECUM on his fingers).... anyway, On Jan 28 (two days after my "expecting" period) I started bleeding and it last 3 days, stopped on Jan31 (WAS THIS JUST TWO DAYS LATE PERIOD? OR WAS IMPLANTATION BLEEDING?) Then I had sex without protection with my boyfriend from Feb 1, and almost every other day until I found out on Feb 28 that I was pregnant!!! (my period that was supposed to come on Feb 25, didn't come!!!)

Went to the dr. for the first time on March 07, HE SAID the ultrasound showed nothing, just the sac, it was too early to see anything else, and that I was between 4 to 5 weeks, but my hcg blood levels showed that I was 5-6 weeks.

Went back 2 weeks later (March 21), and HE SAID I was around 8 weeks and I heard the heartbeat (that's weird, because it puts me 2 weeks ahead).... BUT THEN, when I went back another 3 weeks later (April 11) the ultrasound showed 10w4d with CRL 3.66cm (I have the little pic from this ultrasound and do not have the other ones, so maybe the dr was giving me just an estimate before? and not exactly dates???) SO FAR MY DUE DATE IS NOV 4TH.

Went for my 12 week scan on April 25th, and the G.A. showed 12w3d.

My 18w4d SCAN was on June 6, the dr said that everything was great, (but I saw when he was doing the measurements of the head and it showed 19 weeks, I asked him and he said for me not to worry about it, because it was just measurements)... Ok, I ignored!

My last ultrasound so far was on June 27 (I supposed to be 21w4d according to LMP), but the baby was measuring 22w5d. HE STILL DID NOT CHANGE THE DUE DATE!!! ok, so after all this detail explanation, I have some questions, hopefully you could answer me!

1-      When did I conceive??? in January or Feb???

2-      My end of January bleeding, was a late/a day shorter PERIOD OR IMPLANTATION? (for the fact I stopped bc on the beginning of Jan, could that be the reason that I got my 2 days late period? or implantation?)

3-      Which of all the ultrasounds is the MOST accurate one for dating conception???

4-      Is that normal after the 10 or 12 week scan my baby started to grow fast, that I'm measuring A WEEK AHEAD???

Thank you sooo much, I hope someone can help me, I just need to know for sure when I did conceive.


  • If you're due date is Nov 4th this means (based on a 28 day cycle) that you would have ovulated and conceived the week of Feb 11th. Hope that helps. X

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