Hi everyone!

I've just come back from my 12 week scan and was asked during it whether we wanted to find out the sex? We said yes and the nurse said that she was pretty sure we were having a boy! She said not to buy blue stuff just yet as she's only 80% sure, but I just wondered what everyone was told and whether it was right or not?!

I don't mind what I have as long as it's healthy!

Kirsty x


  • Wow never heard of them actually asking if you want to know at the 12 week scan. from what I've seen it can be pretty accurate tho but they say the nub can be moved during the ultrasound and you csn get shadows. I love nub guessing u got a pic? I got a real clear nub shot Everyone thinks this is a boy find out 31st x




  • Hi LH86!

    Sorry been trying to upload my scan pics but it's not letting me at the moment! My phone won't do it either! I'll try on my home computer this evening! She wasn't a 100% sure at the moment, but apparently 'he' was lying in the best position so she said she was quite confident (80%) although she said not to buy blue things just yet just in case!! You can't be far from your 20 week scan now? Bet you're excited! My husband wants a scan machine for home now! Will you find out the sex of your baby?

    Kirsty x

  • Ha ha id love a scan machine. I've got a private 4d gender scan on 31st, then I have to go for internal scans every 2 weeks from 2nd sept till 34 weeks n got my 20 week scan on sept 24th so plenty of chances to see baby but wanted to know before my first internal or I'd b goin crazy tryin to see baby but apparently you don't see baby much cuz they're looking at ur cervix x

  • Hi LH86,

    Sorry had a mare getting my scan to download as it was in PDF and they only accept JPEG images, but finally done it. I've got the clearest one but it's a bit grainy due to having to put it on 'Paint' and having to enlarge it! I also have 2 more (I have no idea what to look for!)

    Hope all is well with you!



  • I can't see a nub chick (the nub is the white thing that looks like a willy on my scan lol) but skull is very rounded and girly looking. Everyone thinks mines a boy cuz skull is flat and nub looks quite boyish, think urs could b a girl but if you see a nub on your other pics it'll point up for a boy n down or flat for a girl supposedly. We will c in 2 weeks time! X

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