I bought an angelsounds doppler a few weeks ago and i love it. My question is when i was att midwife this week she listened to baboes heartbeat and it sounded different from what the angelsounds doppler does. The doppler is really fast and sounds like a proper heartbeat and hers was just bang bang bang it was fast but wasnt like boom boom, boom boom if you know what i mean? Is it just because its different brands? 


  • A doppler is a proper medical listening device, I've got one with the screen that counts the heart rate but the angel sounds ones (I had one with my first) aren't the same they just sort of amplify the noise that it picks up but the fetal doppler a mw uses actually uses ultrasound waves So it gives a different sound As it picks it up differently. My baby's heart sounds like a train chugging on my doppler

  • Also could be you picking up your blood rushing through the placenta. While pg with dd I had an anterior lying placenta so mw always found it hard to find her heartbeat if she was hiding behind it, sounded like heartbeat to me but mw kept saying it was the placenta. Xx

  • Yeah my placenta is so loud! Like whistling and wind In The trees x

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