Due in march 2014

Hi, i took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago after not having aperiod for 3 months. I thought this was just due to the fact I'd come off the pill in may but thought I'd just check in case, the test came back positive so I booked an appointment with the midwife, because of the datesthe sent me to the hospital for a 12 week scan,however I thought I was maybe 5 weeks at the most, but OH NO 11 weeks and 5 days.

 Such a shock but I'm very happy and so proud to see my baby on the screen, with only 6/7 months left to go I'm a bit nervous, anybody else due inmarch? Xx


  • Hi Beckii,

    Wow! You basically jumped the scary (& rather boring) bit! I'm only just ahead of you at 13+3 so although I'm due on 21st Feb I'll probably be in March too!

    Goodluck with the rest of your pregnancy!


  • hi beckii

    there is a group on here the due in march 2013 there are quite a few of us in there im 12+3 today due right at the start of march although ill bet that i go way over that date! x


  • A spring baby! Congratulations image

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