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Was wondering if anyone can help me...

I am 30 years old and unsure of the time of ovulation, me and my partner would definatly have concieved on the 30th July.  I had a feeling early on that i was pregnant and took a HPT last monday which was negative, with my period being late I took 4 HPTs on Saturday, all were positive but very faint.  I bought and took two Clear blue digitals yesterday morning which came up pregnant 1-2 weeks.  Me and my partner were delighted until two hours later i started bleeding and experienceing period pain like cramps.  We went to casualty to be on the safe side and after 3 negative urine tests, I got a positive blood test but it was very very very faint.  the nurse told me it was either implantation or the pregnancy had not taken hold.  I was transfered up the the Gyn department and took a urine and was told that it ws negative and there was no way I was pregnant! Being 1am and having been in hospital for 7hours I ws so tired i accepted this and went home.  I still have bleeding but it is not as heavy as my period although the cramping can be quite painful in waves.  I was just wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and any advice?

Thanks for taking the time to read


  • Hi hun, if you defibitely conceived on july 30th, that would make it 19 days from the day of conception to when you started bleeding. That is very late for implantation,  although im pretty sure its still possible at this stage. Many ladies have implantation bleeding frequently all through their forst trimester, where others won't experience it at all. I would recommend waiting 2 days and testing again, if the test is negative then (and im very sorry to say this) it sounds like you have had a chemical pregnancy, or very very early mc, and this may just be normal AF (with chemical pg) or your body's way of expelling a pregnancy that was no longer viable.

    Im very sorry to hear that you're going through a hard time, and hope you get your answer soon. Wishing you all the best of luck xxx

  • Thankyou so much for your reply...the signs are not looking very good at the moment.  Trying to stay positive knowing that me and my OH can concieve.  I will test in a couple of days just to make sure.

    Thanks again x

  • I typed out those symptoms on Monday and it is now Friday. I have had constant medium bleeding since then but i got the courage to go to my GP today. Before i went i took a HPT last night and this morning and both showed up positive, faint but more prominent than they were last week. My doctor put me to the nurse for a urine sample which also showed a faint positive. I gave blood and have to wait until Monday for the results, Im feeling so impatient and anxious! I know deep down i have had an early loss but cant help but get my hopes up again. I tested negative in the hospital 4 times and now im testing faint positive and there was Hormones in my blood on sunday! i dont know how to feel at the moment, my head is all over the place!! i would have thought that the line would be fainter or negative and cant understand how they are getting stronger...
    If anyone can give me any advise id love to hear it....Monday seems a million miles away!!
    Thank you
    P.s sorry for babbling on

  • Aw honey it all sounds positive! Obviously you wont know until your results come through but the lines getting stronger is a really good sign! Good luck for monday hun xxx

  • Hi loflo82

    I hope and pray you get a better out come than i did in june image

    I lost my bean at about 7 weeks but had 3 scans and saw it, when i started bleeding it lasted for 15 days and was very heavy and i could hardly walk for 24 hours with out having to run to a bathroom, 3 days after the bleeding started i had to re do a test and it was negative and when i went for the scan on that same day it was all gone.

    My 1st lot of hpt i did where strong and cbd said 1-2 and went up to 2-3 a week later but as soon as i started bleeding it dropped to 1-2 weeks and the lines just got faint and dissapeired in a few days.

    Wishing u all the luck im back to ttc again and will be testing this weekend coming xxx

  • GGoodluck for tomorrow hun, thinking of you xxx

  • Sorry to hear that Sarah, it's an extremely hard process to go through.

    Things are not looking too good still, I know I had a miscarriage it's just taking too long for my hcg levels to drop. They are currently sitting at 56. I need to take a hpt on Thursday morning and the doctor will phone to see if it is positive! I just wish they would scan me already! I've been warned it may be ectopic but luckily have no more symptoms that point towards that!

    Thanks for the well wishes Amy, hopefully be fine soon!

    Thanks xx
  • Sorry to read this its heart braking but with time it becomes easier and I've been more settled about it in the past month, ttc again now but think I'm out this month image I also had to do a test and that's when it hit me hardest to see the negative after a positive xxx sending hugs to you babe xxx
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