We are team........

......pink again. Was really hoping for a boy but she's healthy 





  • And cute as hell lol x

  • Ahhhh congrats hun. How funny, just shows you can never predict. 

  • Lovely pic! X

  • I'm really gutted if I'm honest. Just sat and cried lol. and now I feel awful! Ill get over it, just sad that ill never get my little boy cuz don't think there'll b any more babies for us x

  • Awww hun, don't be sad chick, I'm sure the little girl will love you more than anything in the world! Congratulations image

    I cannot wait to get my BFP so I can go to scans and start shopping for baby stuff ha ha

    Lots of love

    J x

  • Thanks hun. I feel like the most rotten awful person in the world for feeling the way I do right now.

  • You had your heart set on a boy, i understand. I was edging towards a girl but at the end of the day as long as bubs is healthy thats the most important thing. X

  • Congrats on your little girl ill make a deal with you I just found out I'm pregnant if I have a boy we will swap lol I really hoping for a girl but knowing me and my luck I will have a boy I will love him all the same which I know you will love your daughter but yeah when you have your heart set on a sex it does get kinda tough to know you won't have that.

  • Hi hun , congratulations , sorry it's not what you were hoping for, I felt a little like that when had had our ds, wanted another to keep him company, but now he n his sis get on really well considering ... as soon as I saw her all those feelings disappeared, at least you have some time to get your head round it , you never know you may feel differently n try for another after your gorgeous girl is here ,how is oh ? ,hope you're ok honey x x x  

  • Thanks guys and congrats jay. Oh is happy he wasn't fussed either way. He's ot 2 daddies girls now. I've had nothing but problems with my first do Christ knows how ill cope with another. I'd always try for another, I will want to in a year or 2 but he says no more so I just have to accept it and move on x

  • Congrates babe and done be upset you have a healthy bubba and id do any thing to have that right now image hoping this month il get my sticky bean xxxx

  • Good luck hun x

  • Hey LH,

    You are not an awful person! My friend was also very disappointed when she found out what she was having.She wanted a girl and ended up with a boy image And to be honest, had I not gone through what I've been through I would have been disappointed if I ended up having a boy, because I really really wanted a girl. But now, I don't care what it is as long as I have a baby - and I will spoil the baby rotten and will buy the most expensive push chair out there - I want to rebel ha ha!!! 

    And remember, having problems with your daughter does not mean that you'll have problems with the new baby girl. Keep positive chick! 

    Have you thought of any names yet?

  • Nope not a single name! Got plenty of time to think though. My first task is to go thru her stuff in the attic and get it washed and put away. Picked a nice pink and black pram aswell but I'm not ready to go out and buy anything yet. Got 3 more scans in next 4 weeks so hopefully that'll help me come to terms with it all x

  • Did you pick the Venicci one that you told me about?


  • aw congrats on another wee princess altho you were hoping for a prince im sure you will be over the moon when her beautiful little face meets yours for the 1st time! And just think now it will always be more girls against the boys in decision making! Im sure your daughter will love in years to come the fact that she will have a sister she can borrow shoes and dresses from! I always wanted a sister growing up but ended up with brothers! x

  • As a mummy of two girls its wonderful, My two get on so well. I totally understand your disappointment but sisters rock! Xx

  • Thanks guys. Feel a bit better today slept quite well last night. Just gona have to persuade oh to try again in a few years ain't I! I decided against the vennici found one on eBay a ga ga go 3 in 1 in pink and black. Just looks a bit more modern and almost 100 cheaper x

  • Aww that's an amazing scan photo LH, she's gorgeous! How far along now? 

    Sorry you didn't get the boy you wanted but you're such a great person there's no way you'll resent her, you'll love her to pieces.

  • Awww thanks. I'm supposed to no 16+2 today but she measures 2 days behind

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