I need help, 18..?

Hey guys. I need some advice about some stuff?image
I'll get right to it.
The last day I bled was 7/31. I only bled for a few days but I think it'd be period-worthy.
I never get anything with my periods, I just bleed and it's done. I don't ever experience spotting, cramping, nothing in between. Also my periods are pretty irregular and heavy. Always have been, they're every 3 weeks or so.
I spotted on the 13th, I had light cramping the day before and day of. When I did, I wiped and it was about a drop of light pink smeared. I also had some brown old blood on my underwear (not enough for a pad or anything).
The next day it felt like I had peed myself, when I checked it was just like water came out, no colour or anything. A few days later I had some discharge that was pretty thin almost like water, it was the slightest bit tinted yellow and had no foul scent and wasn't accompanied by and pain except the cramping; that stopped after a few days.
I've been having light cramps on either since of my uterus, since I spotted, every day, I've also been having headaches daily and I'm starting to feel bloated. My irritability is worsening but I have had no new stress in my life.
I've taken 2 pregnancy tests, both negative thus far.
My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for a few months now.
I know the risks I'm taking, and please don't judge..I am in a position where financially and emotionally things would be okay. I can handle this.
I've also had some indigestion for about a week or so, I keep lightly burping or there's a little pain.
I'm not very good at differenciating OB vs IB and there's too much on the internet saying so many different things.

I will be calling my doctor to ask for a check-up to discuss what's been going on with myself.

If any of you have experienced this before, please share! Or at least opinions or something..! Just please nothing negative..Thank you image


P.S. Wasn't sure which Forum Topic to put this under...first time here.


  • i guess you could be pregnant. When would you period be due? some tests wont show up early and sometimes your hormone isn't strong enough to make the test show up!. I waited until 4 or 5 days after mine was due before i tested and like you i had been getting headaches everyday. x

  • Sadly the symptoms can relate to either or, you won't know for certain until you get a positive pregnancy test.  If you last had a period at the end of July then you'd be early into pregnancy so possibly won't get a positive test result for another couple of weeks yet (ideally you'd be 6wks into term for a positive test result which would mean testing around 7th September or later).  It will be hard having to keep waiting & guessing but if you don't have a period before the 7th Sept waiting until then to test should give you a definite yes/no answer.  Best wishes & hope you get the result you're after.

  • Thank you both very much! I still have not recieved my period, although they're pretty sporadic, as I said they're usually around every 3-4 weeks. I think it's good advice to wait until the 7th, that seems like a safe day with enough time inbetween and lord knows I could run through tests every day anyway lol. The bloating seems to be getting a little bigger each day, I'm tracking it. I'll keep you guys posted on any new stuff, if ya wouldn't mind :3.

  • Yeah can be an expensive business testing all the time! i got my BPF on the 1st test i used which cost me 5TL which is about £1.65! The more expensive ones aren't always the best! The pharmacy i bought mine in had 3 to choose from i asked which one was best and he relpied that they were all the same you were just paying for a name!

    Of course you can post about more stuff everyone here is really helpful x

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