Who else will be testing this weekend.....

AF due 31st of august and il be testing in about a weeks time who else will be joining me this month xx

Would love to keep the post going and see how many off us get a sticky bean xx


  • Good luck babe xx

  • Hi Sarah,

    Af is due 4th September so will be testing a week on Friday if it hasn't turned up on time image Not feeling positive about it this month . . . .

    How are you feeling?


  • Hi sweetjudy21

    Im not sure about this month to be honist.....its been a strange month for me iv got sore nipples and head ache and been dizzy today but was the same last month, but iv had none and i mean none whats so ever cm during the month! Iv been as dry as a sand pit lol sorry if to much infoimage im due on saturday so a little confussed and gutted at the same time as im very sure iv not ovulated this month image i get the signs mid month of ovulation like pains back ache ect but nothing image 

    Im half temped to test with an early kit on friday.....

    How are you doing? Xx

  • Ho chick,

    I'm feeling pretty shitty today image Having a good cry as I'm typing this message. I had ewcm this month for the first time and also very bad ovulation pains and cramps.I also felt very sick during ovulation. Not had my mid month spotting which is good - at least I think so. I started temping this month and the temps show that I've ovulated and all the signes and ov tests have backed that theory.Not got any symptoms yet thou,feeling emotional but that is pretty normal for me image I feel like a very bad person today, a couple of my friends announced pregnancies (both with their second babies) and I'm just gutted. I'm happy for them but gutted at the same time cos it's not happening for us image xxx
  • Af is due 1 wk 2day which is 2nd so I,ll also be testing if it doesn't arrive image I've been ttc for 5yrs now. Am currently on 50mg of Clomid so hoping this is my month as ta my 2nd round this month. I do normally get sore boobs & quite moody around day 20 as I have a 30day cycle which I haven't had this month!! Boobs are a tiny bit sore but no were near as bad as usual!! Do u guys think this is a good sign or just the Clomid?? X x

  • Oh sweetjudy babe i know how u feel, im happy for people when they say they r preggers but gutted at the same time that its not me lol 

    My mate was 4 days before me when i lost my bean this year and she has been shopping already and im happy for her but she has 3 already and her partner dont want this one told her to get rid of it and i just feel like why her and not me, she said she couldnt careless if it lived or not its just another exspence!

    Iv been as dry as a sand pit this month no sign of any sort of cm image so not holding much hope now! Im on cd22 out of cd24/cd26 but last month i went to cd30 before af arrived which was a first ever for me xxx

  • Hi laura

    I couldnt say as iv not been put on any thing as i have 1 little boy already who has just turned 1.

    I lost my bean to a m/c in june this year which was a shock to the systam.

    My cycles are around 24-26 days and im on cd 22 at the moment, but last month i went to cd 30 before AF arrived which is a first ever for me.

    I hope u get a good out come.

    It took me almost 3 years to fall with my boy and only 10 months to fall again my body recovered really quickly from the m/c and with in 3 days of bleesing i had a negative result so hoping i fall quickly again xxx

    Good luck with the testing and keep us posted xx

  • Hi Sarah,

    OMG,that is not nice. That lady has obviously never had a mc.Life is just unfair-very unfair! I just feel like nobody understands me apart from you ladies and feel like a horrible person for feeling like this! Can't help it thou image

    Do you think your cycles will go back to 24 day cycles? Mine settled at 35 days,they used to be 26 days before I fell preg.

    I have not been tracking my cm for a long time,but I never had the ewcm before this cycle. I would have never known that I've ovulated had I not used ov tests.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you chick! Xxx
  • Hi babe,

    I follow my periods and i am always noticing cm and ewcm thats why i know some thing is wrong this month as iv had nothing at all.

    I hope i go back to 24/26 day cycle but if im gonna stay 30 day cycle then i know ovulation might be a bit messed up, my boobs feel super pumped up tonight so hoping it either af arriving on time again which will be gutting but id be happy or maybe just maybe some thing else is going on lol

    i wont use ovulation kits as im worried we will only be having sex around the time i ovulate and it will become a bit of a chore so we try and keep it open and off our minds but the week before my af im a nightmare lol just want to know! wish they could do a new sort of test that would tell us sooner!!

  • Hello Ladies, Im joining in. Im currently 8dpo, I have been having all type of different signs this month. yesterday night and earlier today I had pulling and cramps on my lower left side. I also have real bad back pain. I am sure it is implantation. Im about 75% positive that i may be pregnant this cycle. To many different things, and I also got 3 flashing smiley faces this cycle and BD on all three days!! I will be testing next week!! I will Keep you ladies updated!! STICKY BEANS TO ALL image

  • Whoop whoop babe! Sounding good for youimage

    Me on the other hand well i was sure as well but this morning iv woken up feeling sick with a dodgy tummy and banging head and a pain in my lower belly just like the one i get before my af image im on cd 23 out of 24/26 feeling very gutted as i got that feeling af is gonna show up some time today.

    On the plus side i didnt buy my hpt kits yet so saved some money this month 

    But still feel gutted as i really thought some thing was going on felt good all month up to today.....ahhhh man why oh why!

    Good luck to all my ladies testing i hope u get your sticky beans image

    Awaiting evil witch to show her ugly head!

  • Tested this afternoon nothing as of yet image but gutted as I thought maybe just maybe xx
  • Hey Sarah,

    Sorry to hear that hun. Give it a couple more days hun and test again image

    Fingers Crossed!!!!


  • Sarah, I tested today at 12dpo and got this.... 


     im in shock image xx

  • Bellasmummy congrats babe!!!!!!

    So happy for u image knew one of us had to get a positive this month image

    I tested today and nothing so think I'm out also cervixs is very low and rock hard and I've got that belly pain that af is gonna hit in the next 48 hours if not sooner image

    But we'll done u babe so happy for u xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
  • Aww yay!! Congrats to you @bellas mummy
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