17wks and total loss of appetite

Hi Ladies,

Im currently 17wks and have totally lost my appetite. I have been very lucky and not had any sickness and only had nausea wk 6-8. I have had a great appetite and eating regularly and now i could prob go all day without wanting to eat. Of course i dont and im eating for the sake of it, small bits every few hours. Is anyone had or going through this aswell?

Thank you x


  • Hi Katie,

    Like you I had no sickness and ate well the first trimester but between 11 & 14 weeks (now 15+6) I had absolutely no appetite at all. Only just started feeling hungry again, but not for every meal and even then I'll only feel a little hungry until I actually eat & manage a medium sized meal without realizing! I think a lot of movement from our pelvis is happening at the moment so maybe it's that?

    Kirsty x

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