1st Time Pregnant

Hi All,

Just wondering if any of you mums can help

This is my 1st preganncy and im just over 6 weeks but im a bit concerend.

I know I am far to early to be showing at all but my stomach is very big like i feel huge , its ok 1st thing in the day but come 2pm till bed time its very swollen like as If i have been constapated for over a week ......

Is this normal like a pregancy bloat or something as its too early to be showing just feel huge my boobs are out of control litreally have water mellons stuck to my chest i know this is normal

Just worried over size of stomach like if its like this now im going to be a whale come another 7 mths ??


  • Sounds like normal bloating to me. I had the same thing till I was about 11 weeks. Im now 18 weeks and my bumps as it should be. Don't worry about it image

  • Thans Belle2013

    Thanks a mill just wondering, other thing is my dads brothers are twins but i doubt im going down that road well hope not x

  • bloating is totally normal in early pregnancy. im 30 weeks into my second pregnancy and had bad bloating with both, despite morning sickness. i was actually afraid people might guess before 12 weeks as it looked so obv to me, but they didnt. bloating went down after a few weeks and i actually then only started showing around 20 weeks. both times i was wearing my normal trousers until about 18 weeks even though they felt snug early on for a while.

  • Ah thanks for reply makes me feel more nomal now not whale like lol

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