MC 4 months ago, now period 2 weeks late, feeling pregnant but negative HPTs :(

Hi I was hoping to get some advice! I'm sure Im pregnant, I am 2 weeks late for my period and I have got very tender breasts, more tired than normal and quite hormonal and off some foods. I had a mc 4 months ago and periods have been okay since so seems odd 2 weeks late but I have done now 6 hpt and all showing negative image :/ not sure if its possible that its just not enough hormone level yet to be detected. And from how long after a missed period can the doctor check your bloods? Thanks xx


  • Hiya Katie,  How are you?  Oh sounds positive... have you used didital tests?  Back last year my period was 3 weeks later and I went to GP and asked for a blood test and he did it right then, maybe worth making a appt.xx

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