Please help first pregnancy and confused

Hi I'm 18 years old nearly 19 and recently found out I'm pregnant I'm around 4-5 weeks should be hearing from midwife on Monday. For the past year I've been in and out if hospital due to mass's of cysts on my ovaries had an operation but I don't have PCOS I also got told I will never have children yet here I am. My concern is the amount of pain I'm in (no bleeding) but horrible cramping and awful migraines, also worried that I may have twins? I know there's no real symptoms for twins, but my dads a twin, his grandads a twin and so on! I'm also very tired and have put on weight on my belly, which I know is unusual very early on and with the first! Could anyone help thank you x


  • Cramping is completely normal in early pregnancy sweetie, everything has to move and stretch to make room for the baby, by 7 weeks your uterus will be twice its normal size, so it stands to reason that you get pains and twinges image im 7wks today and also have a daughter who is 2 and having cramps every day with this one, cant remember if I did with dd but dh seems to remember me having them with her too. I also get a horrible sharp ripping pain through my stomach if I stand up too quickly image 

    Pain could also be attributed to the hormone relaxin, which relaxes your ligaments in preparation for childbirth, this is called round ligament pain and can sometimes be very painful! As for the twin theory, its quite possible but you wont know for sure until your scan. For now, get yourself a good pregnancy book, and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy image and congratulations!  Xx

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