Help interpreting pregnancy tests, please

Hi everyone, I am in need of second opinions regarding the preg tests I took today. I should have gotten my period yesterday, so first I took a digital test, but not with the first morning urine. It said Not Pregnant. A couple of hours later I took a Boots test and there was the faintest of lines, which appeared in about 3 minutes. I was staring intently at the test as soon as I weed on it, and there was nothing when the control line appeared. But then, after a couple of minutes, a very, very faint line appeared. I am so very confused now! Please advise. Lilah


  • I have pics, but have no clue how to put them up from my phone...
  • genrally a line that appears within the time is a positive!! try again in the morning!!


  • Thanks, Puddy

    I am really confused cause the digital test said not pregnant, and then I get a very, very faint line using the Boots test.

    Is it possible to get a false faint positive?
  • its very rare to get a false positve were as false negatives are very common. how late is youe af?? it also depends on how sensative the test is as some can detect very small levels of hormone were as others it needs to be higher 

  • I'm only a day late, but did the horizontal tango with DH at the time of ovulation.

    Oh, I would be so happy if I really was pg!

    How do I post the pic on here from my smartphone?
  • I didnt get a pos on a digi test for a few days after missed period yet i had a faint line. I think hormone levels need to be higher for digi tests x

  • i dont have the first clue on how to put pics up sorry but i cant wait to hear your next test result

  • Well, I tested again this morning, first urine, but using a different brand of test. The result was the same! Very faint positive, just as the other ones.

    Confused :/
  • sorry hun my only advice is to try and wait a few days 

    and if still no af test again. if it was me id order a batch of cheepy sticks off amazon so they take a few days to get to you and you can keep weeing on lots and it wont cost so much xx

  • A line is a line however faint xx

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