brown blood? already! so scared. .

i went to toilet and wiped and there was brown when i wiped! only happened few times. but had back ache and cramps all day. . am so worried took me so long to get to this point. . i can't bare the thought of its all over already image x x


  • Its probably a little bleed as embryo(s) embed and get nice and snuggly in the uterus. Happened to me and im 23 weeks now. Try not to worry. Fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Had cramps for the entire 12 weeks too. Keeping everything crossed for you. X

  • I had this in first pregnancy and they say if its brown its usually old. FC for you as I know how frightened you must be. Is there anyone you can talk to? MW, gp etc.

    Cramps and back ache are normal as your body is already starting to change.

    SB x

  • Yeah I had brown and red bleeding 3 times in first 10 weeks and im almost 19 weeks now x

  • I had the same in my first pregnancy too, was told it was implantation (even though it started at 7 weeks) so it could be completely normal hun. Try not to stress too much. Do you have a n early scan? xxx

  • Brown blood tends to be 'old blood' - probably beanie wiggling in and dislodging something old.

    Cramps is also usually beanie settling in.

    Fingers crossed all is well xx

  • hi thank you all

    all appears well! the brown stopped after one day. and cramps have too image

    i did a clear blue and says 2-3 weeks! so am happy! x x
  • Woohoo! Great news!

    Get settled in there, beanie!

  • Ah that's fab news boooey! Fingers crossed for a nice uneventful pregnancy from here! X
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