yehhhh 9 weeks pregnant :) only problem im getting so scared to see the midwife

Hi all 9 weeks pregnant now and so excited image only problem is that im so scared and upset about seeing the midwife im even considering not attending as iv heard so many horror stories abut them giving u a hard time about your weight! Im 13 and a half stone. Im not blind I live in a house that dose have mirrors image) am clearly not perfect and can see im overweight!!!! Ive stopped smoking dont drink and have been doing my best to eat healthy for my baby image just past few days getting myself so upset and Irritated about this appointment I dont even want to go image can anyone help or give advice please xxxxx


  • Try not to worry, its important you see the mw. What doee thatbput your bmi as? They use bmi to judge risk, mine was a lot higher with my first than second pregnancy but at no point did they make me feel bad about it or upset me x

  • Thanks for your reply im not sure what bmi is appointment is tomorrow so hopefully it goes ok image xxx
  • Sorry to hear you feel like that hun , most midwives are absolutley lovely and used to seeing people of all shapes n sizes , you are doing the most amazing thing in the world growing a baby , you should be very proud of youself for giving up smoking n not drinking , you are doing a great job x x

  • I wouldnt worry about you weight hun im 13stone and classed as overweight like tyou i know i need to loose weight and did loose (i was 16 before) but now since being preg ive stopped trying to loose and am just trying to eat everything in moderation so that baby gets everything that it needs! Im sure your midwife will support you and the fact you've given up smoking will show her that you are trying to do the best by your baby image let us know how you get on tomorrow x 

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