Studying while pregnant


Please I need advice on how to cope with pregnancy while studying, I just got a study visa for Ireland for phd. We (I and hubby) have being trying to get pregnant since December last year but stopped trying 2months ago when we knew about the possibility of the phd. I am 5wks now and will be traveling in 2wks time, I need advice on how to cope with my research, being an international student and alone without my husband


  • hi hun
    im 31 weeks into my second pregnancy and i am a phd student as well, albeit not abroad. my university has been wonderful about it and i basically am studying part time as well as taking a year off for each baby. i got pg with my first during my studies as well and now 2 years later number 2 is due in 2 months. yes, my phd is taking longer but as i worked for a few years before beginning, i was 29 when my first was born and so decided a family was my priority. it certainly hasnt been easy i admit but im still glad we did things the way we did. i tried to get as much done as i could before my son was born and then took a year off to just enjoy being a mother. talk to your uni about the possibility of taking time off. you will be fine x

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