Discharge in early pregnancy

I've had really bad back pain all day and am now getting discharge it feels like i am going to bleed. Only 5 weeks pregant with my second so slightly worried. Any advice?


  • The only thing i would advise is to ring the NHS Direct Line hun because no one can really tell you whats going to happen, an they can get you seen by the EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) if need be xx I keep my fingers crossed it's just some symptoms your having and it's just your baby implanting image x

  • What colours the discharge? I've bled brown and red 3 times in my first 10 weeks and I'm 19 weeks today. Increased discharge is normal (white/creamy/clear) and so is back ache and cramps. I doubt epau would see u at only 5 weeks as won't b much to c on a scan, I couldn't get one till 8 weeks 5 days. I just hot told to sit it out and see. Just put ur feet up and take it easy I'm sure its just usual early pregnancy symptoms xx

  • Hi the discharge is brown/yellow. Fingers crossed its just awful waiting when ur so excited. The doc and epu won't see me they just said re-test in a week x

  • Fx it's implantation xx

  • Thanx but now its a bit of blood too we'll see wot the am brings x
  • Unfortunately i had a miscarrage after an eptopic scare. Obv not meant to be this time. Thanx 4 the advice though x
  • So sorry hun x

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