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Hey, its a week until my due date and I can NOT sleep for the life of me image Doesbt help being made up with the cold, and the worst cough ever image I need sleep x


  • I would ask ur MW for some advice because i dont know if you can safetly get anything to help you sleep? 

    Im having trouble sleeping at the moment im only 6-8 weeks but im waking up during the night having horrible/weird dreams or waking up really early feeling sick or just cant sleep. Its driving me mad! So i know how you feel hun, its so frustrating because u dont have much energy through the day at all xx

  • if you lovely ladies find a cure let me know i have boughts of insomnia that cripple me at 34 weeks im needing my sleep as much as possible image

  • I think it must be the surge of hormones lol, but i guess it helps prepare for the baby arriving because even if you slept your whole your pregnancy you'd still suffer tiredness etc once the baby arrives x

    Id just nap when u can image x

  • see your gp about your cold. he/she might be able to suggest something to make you feel better. as for sleeping, thats totally normal unfortunately. hormones and general excitement/anxiety about labour are usually to blame for this. i agree with laurataylor, nap when you can and just generally get some rest, put your feet up etc.
    im nearly 32 weeks with my second and havent been sleeping properly for a few weeks now either. and just make sure you sleep often when your baby is born. naps are the only way forward image

  • I would like to know too about possibilities to have a good sleep.


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