Hi guys, I've found out today by my doctor that Im approx 6 weeks pregnant image however the cramps normal the gp said its normal in early pregnancy but they are so uncomfortable, is there anything I can do to ease them as I don't want any sort of medication, and how long do they last for.

this is my first pregnancy, Im thrilled but very scarred at the same time lol 


thanks Paula xxx


  • Sorry I can't actualkly say if it's normal but I am 6+6 and feeling really uncomfortable for last two days - they are very low down, in middle and both sides and feels like a pulling feeling too. 

    Does that sound like yours? x

  • yes, normal. im 32 weeks into my second pg and had cramping with both. unless its extremely painful and/or accompanied my bleeding, its normal. just things stretching. and ive had it on and off throughout pg with both.

  • Hey minnie22 yes that sounds exactly like mine! They eased of tho this mormimg and now back this even, but they aren't painfull like you say just uncomfortable.

    ah glad to here it's normal, but unexpected lol xxx

  • Hey Lowie, mine come and go as well image 

    I also get the odd sharp pain in my ribs at the back - must be growing/strecthing!! X

  • Yeah it must be, I woke up this morning and was like oh, hold on! That's strange no cramps I've had one or two twingebutch that's im around 6 weeks  too so it's nice to know someone who's getting them stage same as me this early image xxx

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