First time I'm pregnant and is this feeling normal

Hi everyone!


so I've found i out I'm pregnant and roughly 5 weeks, I have taken three tests just to double check! Two stick ones that shown two lines and a clear blue that said pregnant and how far I am with conceiving. My first appointment with my doctor is next Thursday.

im just wondering is it normal to not feel pregnant at times? Majority of the time I do but there's other times I don't. Also can the symptoms ever feel like your about to come on your period but obviously you never do? I get that tummy feeling i get when I'm about to. I know I can ask the doctor all of these next week but these two are just playing on my mind. 


if someone could get back to me that would be fab image

thanks xx


  • all very normal hun! lots of us check every time we wee  that af not arrived!!


  • Yup agree with puddy, even when you've got your bump sometimes you forget your pregnant lol! x

  • Thank you image youve both put me at ease a little lol xx
  • you are welcome!! ive got 3 and am 80% sure im pg with the 4th and final one and im already worried about ummm everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haleigh, it was so strange reading your post - it's like I could have written it!

    I too am about five weeks, and got my positives through two cheapie sticks and finally a CBD! Also have my first doc appt next Thursday!

    Mentironed in another post too, I don't really feel pregnant either - had sore boobs for a while which have now mostly eased off, and just feeling crampy (exactly like AF is coming!). 

    I almost wish I was feeling sicky or something just so I felt pregnant (almost!)! 

    I take it this will be your first?


  • Hi girls!

    This is totally normal!

    I didn't have any symptoms apart from boobs felt slightly fuller until about 5 weeks. All I read everywhere was sore boobs, sore boobs, sore boobs and I was so worried!! My boobs still don't hurt now, just my nipples feel sensitive- that kicked in about 5+5.

    I'm now 7+3 and feel shattered, nauseous but haven't actually been sick, loose BM's especially in the morning (think if you get upset tummy around period - just like that- had this on and off since I got BFP), sore lower back, the odd headaches and cramps - for two days this week they were pretty painful.

    Thing is, even with the above, I still question If I'm actually pregnant as they don't all come at once, and I think I'm exaggerating them!! As a result, I'm on constant knicker watch and just praying I get to 12 weeks!!

    Good luck and happy & healthy pregnancy to you all xx
  • Hi cherrycracker!

    Yes this is my first! What about you? I had some symptoms yesterday and now they have just gone again image its really getting me worried! Really want to bring the doctor appointment closer.

    Tried to send you a message on this instead but i haven't a clue how to lol.
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