mens reactions!

hi so i got a faint positive yesterday and didnt tell oh due to a conversation we had the other night! so i pos again this am and the same it was faint!!

so i told i thought i was pg and his reaction was this__ really? *laugh* well whens your period due. so i told him sat he then went on to say i was prob imagining line then that we would wait until mid next week and test again!!

i then made him look at stick and he sort of admitted he could see one but still went along the lines of waiting till next week but he would be happy if i was!!!

bloody men!!!


  • Congrats! When I told my oh I was preg with our first he was working away and hanging out his ar$e on a fri morn after a night out. His exact words were - yeah man, sound, can I tell my brother in law? Was like..... Um....ok! Lol. This time round the lines were so faint for so long he wouldn't believe it till we did the digital and saw the words! Must b a man thing x

  • well my oh cant deny it now its in black and white i did a cbd and it says pregnant!! now i have to admit i am tempted not to tell him and make him wait until next week to find out mwahaha

  • Im 17 and when i first told my boyfriend i was pregnant he was half asleep& he told me to ring him back in 5 mintues. So i did and he was excited& now im 12 weeks he can't wait for the little one to come out haha. so glad i have him&his family and also my family's support haha! 

    EDD 11th April 2014 xxx

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