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Hi All,

As this is my 1st im unsure what to expect.

So far my pregnancy has been ok , no sickness just very tired and sore boobs however woke up today with lower back pain like up over my bum , very sore is this normal ?

Checked on internet but loads of different openions ??



  • BONNIE congrats on your pregnancy, i hate back pain i get very worried if i have that. if your back is very sore you can contact your gp. otherwise some pains are normal when you preg coz your baby is growing

  • Thanks Yogueta,

    Yep its just today very sore like a ache in my lower back havent had this at all a lot of friends are telling me its normal and to count myself lucky as i have escaped the morning sickness bit ,

    hope its just as you said my body changing and growing before i got pregant i would have lower back pain maybe its normal ,

    thanks xxxxxxx


  • Hey Bonnie 

    I'm 7 weeks and have this too! I had back ache just after BFP for two weeks then it stopped and now it's back. I also have the odd sharp pain in ribs at back - sure it's all the streching and growing xx

  • Hi

    Just off phone to maternity hosp & Gp both says nothing i can do that not spotting and to take panadol , i hope its just normal im getting very worried and nervous feel sick with thoughts of something bad happening

  • Ah hun - we all have it so try not to worry. 

    For last two days I had awful cramps and back ache and was also worried sick. 


    Try and rest and just relax as much as possible. No spotting is a good sign xx

  • ah thansk Minnie22

    Is your pain like in middle of lower back like out of blue i have got this likea  dull ache like period pain no pain in front is it all normal xx

  • I'm sorry it doesn't get any better!! My back pain is unbearable sometimes, didn't get it with my first but this time round I've been in agony and still 20 weeks to go! Try and get your feet up and rest when u can xx

  • God thansk LH86 im in work here and getting upset as its very sore and sometimes making me feel sick with worry , i hope its nothing bad i have no pain in lower front or spotting just frigtened



  • I have had tummy cramps too but back is all over lower and also sharp pains in back in kind of lower ribs - weird! x

  • I just have it lower like an ache just worrying areyou boobs still very swoolen & sore ?x

  • Hi Minnie22,

    When do you get your 1st scan in hospital in Ireland its not until 12 weeks so i have another 4 to wait have you had yours ?



  • No - my boobs arent sore at all - just nipples but even that's worn off. If you are not spotting honestly try not to worry hun - they say weeks 7-10 the most happens so prob gives the most pains! xx

  • 12 weeks for me too hun - dont even see midwife until 9 week.x

  • if you cant wait for a scan you can go private so that you can make your mind at peace thats help me alot if im not sure about something i go for a scan private

  • Hi all,

    Well i ended up down in my maternity hospital emergency last night , The pain got so bad i was vommitttin gwith it and white in the face , they brought me straight in my blood pressure was high but that could of been all the worry anyhow

    so i had no urine infection and they cannot tell what is causing the pain as its very intesnse but told me no more then can do but panadol i have to go back down next week for check up ,,

    They did a scan for me to make sure heart beat still going and it was there flickering away , i have attached a photo xxxx

    Heat patches & hot water bottles




  • Aw hun that sounds horrible but glad you got checked out and that the baby is ok image Nice you got another sneaky peak too! 

    Hope you're feeling lots better today x

  • Hi Bonnie,

    Love the scan picture! Hope it reassured you seeing that heartbeat. I had the exact same thing - in hospital at 7 weeks with bad pains and got a scan like yours. I'm still experiencing lower back pain every day, like a dull ache, but find sitting with a pillow rested under it helps. Try not to worry, I think for some of us it's normal. 


  • I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I'm getting the worst back pains it's in my mid/lower back. It is very painful any ways to ease the pain? 

  • Hellos lla

    hello all,

    I have completed my 8 weeks but tonight I had bad ach at my lower back. Six month back I had miscarriage n had such bad ache after six weeks. I am worried. After completeibg ny y

  • im having low back pains and I'm bleeding a little now it Just started today I'm getting scared 

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