Dying hair whilst pregnant

Hi ladies

I have googled this but seem to not get a direct answer. What is the general rule on dying your hair whilst pregnant? xx


  • Alot of people advise not to, what was you going to use to dye your hair?
    I would not advise bleach, as it very strong, and can not always go as planned because of the hormones in your body.
    But iknow alot of people who still did dye there hair throught pregnancy.
    I dyed my hair with a brown twice throught out my pregancy, now 36weeks, and have nevere had a problem x

  • Don't use bleach it may go orange (happened to me!) also keep areas well ventilated due to fumes. Always patch test on skin InCase of allergic reaction and best to strand test if you can. Im a qualified hairdresser n i know of hair that's gone green during pregnancy! Try and stick to semis if you're gona dye ur hair Also x

  • Hi ladies,

    Thanks for your responses. I just wanted to dye it brown, my hairdresser usually does it but I was thinking of using a shop bought one as I haven't had it done in months and she is quite booked up at the moment!

    Do you think I shouldn't? I'm 13 weeks now. Really don't want to risk anything if I shouldn't. My hair looks hideous though! XX

  • Youll b fine to go brown chick x

  • Thanks hun, perhaps I'm being too paranoid! xx

  • Can never b too careful, sum1 went for a spray tan whilst preg n their skin went green pmsl 

  • i normally use a diy semi permanant brown dye at home but have instead opted for highlights during this pregnancy. ive heard its better due to no dye actually touching your skin and the foil reduces fumes. also a good excuse to treat myself at the salon image

  • Yeah that's right chick, if it don't touch your skin you can't react x

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