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Hi I'm new I am 4 wks 6 days now 

experiencing  cramps in lower right plus I have a cold, I am depressed and can't sleep. I haven't eaten well since this depression started when I found out I was preg. I have been on mess for 5 years for my spinal trauma T3 and gabapentin and now I am told I have to stop, which has been hard in my body to stop the gabapentin , T3 was easy. I am starting to come around and think positive about this pregnancy, but I haven't slept in 4 days since stopping gabapentin ... If there is anyone out there who has been in same situation with this med or anyone with advice how to sleep, will I be able to take maletonin in 2nd trimester??? If I can sleep .... Then I know I can do this !!! 


  • Sorry I've no idea what those meds are but didn't want to read and run! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I'm not sure about the melatonin - isn't that a herbal one anyway? Have you read up on it at all? Only thing to suggest for sleep is to wind down early, get a book and get snuggled up in bed but appreciate that that's all very well but if you've just come off meds your body is going to take some time to adjust - and it will. You can do it xx
  • What about the painful cramps in lower right? 

  • Those meds are for the pain that my spine has from the lower part of my spine to the 3rd vertebra 

    pi take the gabapentin fr the pic rack I have and the nerve damage I have 


  • hi hun sound like your having a tough time *hugs*

    the pains are probaly just your body stretching as hormones kick in strait away.

    i cant help with the meds question but didnt want you to feel alone 


  • Im sorry your going through this hun image

    I would suggest speaking to your GP to be quite honest they are the only ones that can tell you the correct info etc xx

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