could i be pregnant?

I am trying to conceive, I ovulated 6 days ago and today when I go to the toilet and wipe ther is blood on tissue but not on my pad? Could this be spotting after a implantation?


  • I've never had implantatio bleeding before but yes I think it could be. It would be the right time frame from when you ovulated.

    Thats exciting for you!! fingers crossed for you...

  • Thankyou *^^^^^ no spotting today image
  • Hi there

    This is what happened to me around 7-8 days after ovulation! I had a spot on the tissue and my heart sank! Then had nothing more and was praying!

    Got my BFP 10 days after ovulation and i'm now 13 weeks! Good luck - this sounds promising and exactly like implantation spotting!! xx

  • Hi All,

    I need some advice, Im now 4 days late on my normal 28 day cycle. It is normally on time and only lasts 4 days. I have had cramps and the tiniest slight blood when checking (brownish in colour), could I be pregnant if so why the bleeding, should I do a test???


  • 6 days always 28 days! started light brown some fresh bleeding and cramps yesterday. didnt last too long......very light today. Im just wondering if any has esperienced this? Early period or IB? from what I have been reading IB is very light. But I know everybody is different. Too early for HPT?

  • Hi dawny and Fran this has happened to me in the past and a fee days later it's followed by a heavy period. My doctor said it can be a early mc, in which case it's safe to let mother nature take it's cause. Fingers crossed it's not I nw how much I hate it when this happened to me twice x
  • Started a full on period today means I'm having a irregular early period
  • I started overnight to. X
  • Hi i'm 5 days late done 3 hpt which were all negative - very unusual for always start my period on time.

    Feeling tired, going to the loo all the time not sure if its my mind playing tricks but keeping fingers crossed.


  • Hello, I'm having similar symptoms. I started bleeding brownish/pinkish blood, I thought it was the start of my period, because I was expected to start 2 days later, but the brownish/pinkish bleeding continued for 4 days, and it was very light, not quite spotting, but not like my normal periods either. I've taken 2 tests, one at the doctor, and one at home test, both urine tests. They came out negative, but I'm wondering if it's still too early to tell. Someone elses input would be greatly appreciated, hoping for a little one! Thank you!

  • very helpful info ladies thanks!! I had positive then a negative so I don't know what to think, period is late by a few days so who knows
  • Hi Ladies

    I came off the pill (microgynon) about 6 weeks ago. I had my withdrawal bleed a few days later but nothing since. Having been on the pill for over 10 years i have no idea what my cycle is like these days and i know you can have long delays in getting back to normal but for the last 4 days i have has light cramping, sore nipples, upset stomach (just yesterday) and today i feel nauseas and very bloated. Im very tired all of a sudden as well. I did a clear blue test yesterday mid morning that came back negative but i do feel very wierd. Any advice? Could i still be pregnant? Oh and i have needed a wee alot today!

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