Oh the aches and pains of pregnancy...

It's the most wonderful feeling in the world, having another life growing inside you...but you cant help getting irritated when you wake up yet again to stomach cramps, backache and this gnawing feeling in your stomach that is from either hunger or because you need to run to the loo to bury your head in the toilet bowl, but you cant quite work out which. 

Im 8+1, and dont remember being this achy in my first pregnancy. At the moment I have stomach cramps, this horrible ripping pain in my lower belly whenever I stand up too quickly and this awful dull ache right down through my bum and the back of my thighs - god its painful. 

So, my preggy friends, who else is having a hard time at the minute?  X


  • im on my second pg too and its been harder than my first. my morning sickness was way worse this time - the nausea was absolutely constant and non-stop, often even when i woke up at night, i never got the energy surge in my second trimester that i did first time round, and now at just over 32 weeks, although my bump is maybe even a bit smaller than last time, i feel heavy, uncomfy, and swollen. also think my belly button my pop this time round but lets see. im soooo excited about this baby and cant wait to meet it but if truth be told, i dont particularly enjoy actzally being pregnant. its hard work lol. never mind labour! so worth it though image

  • Snap. 1st pregnancy a breeze, am struggling big time with this one and only 20 weeks gone x

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