Am I pregnant?

I've been feeling extremelyyy nauseated and tired lately, very moody and whatnot. I'm having really bad lower abdominal cramps as well. My period isn't due for 8 more days, but I decided to take a test just to see. There's a very very faint line there (this picture was about two minutes after peeing on it). Any thoughts as to whether or not I am?




  • Id say for now you shouldnt overthink it since you haven't missed your period yet. If you are trying to conceive then you may become too excited and confuse symptoms of other things for symptoms of pregnancy because you want to become pregnant so badly. Wait until you miss your period to take a test. That test is definitely negative. If your period isn't due for 8 more days however, it may be too soon to see on a test anyways. Best of luck 

  • It's possible but a week before your period is due is too soon to be certain.  A lot of early pregnancy symptoms are also symptoms of PMT.  Ideally you need to wait until overdue your period before testing.  Best wishes & good luck

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