Why am i not feeling pregnant today :(

Im nearly 6 weeks pregnant and I'm just not feeling pregnant today and its getting me worried! I see the doctor for the first time this thursday and don't know weather to bring it forward. The only symptoms i have had are constipation sore boobs trapped wind feeling a bit nauseated but never sick and mild cramps but there only now and again. Ive had no symptoms whats so ever today where as i normally get the odd cramp or feeling a bit iffy. Ive took a few pregnancy tests and even took one early this morning and still a strong positive as I'm just worried something may have happened! Ive heard its normal for symptoms to be like this when early stage but when its happening to your actual self you just cant help but worry! image Also im taking prenatal vitamins so wasn't sure if this was stopping the symptoms. Thanks x


  • congrats. try not to worry most people are 7/8weeks before it all really kicks in,hope all goes well.    39weeks pink bump and mummy to 4boys 1 girl xx

  • I had very few symptoms early on and was lucky enough not to suffer sickness at all. Try to relax, the majority of pregnancies result in a baby so im sure you will be part of this statistic. Good luck xx

  • dont worry hun, symptoms can come and go. at this early stage you probably wont see anything on the scan anyways so just enjoy the non-pg feeling while it lasts image im on my second pg and i started feeling very sick around 5 weeks or so. then a week later the ms vanished for several days. i was terrified and we were on holiday but a few days later the nausea came back really bad and i felt stupid for moaning about not feeling sick. x

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