20 week scan



My lil princess is doin great she's very very small but I knew she would be anyway. Placenta is low but they're not overly concerned, one more scan at 30 weeks to check on her but they think ill make it to 37 weeks which is good x






  • Wow - that is amazing hun! Glad everything is well!


  • Thanks chick x

  • Hehe! Great photo! Hope all is well LH x

  • Thanks desp. I'm good ta feel better now I know I've got a good chance of making it past 33 weeks. how is the mrs? X

  • Hi LH, how've you been? I haven't been on here since about September.

    We're now 26 weeks but wife is off work as she's had some bad cramps, the odd little bleed, and a few other problems. Looking good though despite all the worry.
  • Good stuff! I'm tired and achey but that's normal for 31 weeks lol. Looking forward to Christmas x

  • Sorry to jump in hello desp2BDaddy I was wondering the other day how u and your partner where doing image glad to hear all is well even tho it sounds like she is going through the mill a fair bit, it's nice to see posts from the group.

    LH86 hello darling omg 9 weeks to go! It's gone soooo quickly image do u have any more scans or any thing now or is it just ride out the next 9 weeks xxx
  • Yeah it's really nice to hear from ya. I know where's the time gone. Just gotta ride it out, had a scan on mon they don't see any signs of prem labour which is good, she's breech ATM so if she doesn't turn by new year I'll be back up hospital but they say not to worry as plenty of time to turn. How ur babe? X

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