When should I start noticing reduced movements?

Hi all,

I'm trying not to worry - just after a bit of advise really, but my little Peanut has been very active for the last week or so, proding me especially in the mornings & evenings (I'm 18+5 weeks) and even my husband felt him yesterday morning, but today he's gone quite quiet although I've had the occasional kick, but not for a length of time.

Some people have said you should watch lack of movement from when they become pretty active and some say from 28 weeks? I have had a big family stress since Sunday which meant I had my SIL & her 3 kids stay with us so maybe he was just more active as I wasn't eating reguarly & he wasn't getting enough attention!

I don't want to bug my MW if it's to early to worry about it! Thanks girls for any help!



  • Try not to worry I'm 21 weeks with my 2nd n she still has quiet periods. It's more after ur 24ish weeks that there should be a more regular pattern x

  • Thanks hun for clearing that up for me!

    I wasn't worried until someone said that after I start getting a pattern of movement I should worry if they go quiet, but I'm still really early with movements so I guess they meant later on like you said! Plus I might just be missing them. It's just a bit freaky as it's my first so still a bit wierded out by the whole thing!

    I even found myself asking him to give me a kick to let me know he's ok, but guess he's too busy sleeping!

    Anyway, how have you been? Did your 20 week go well? I haven't been on for a couple of weeks!

    Kirsty x

  • Yeah it was ok, baby is on very small side of normal and placenta is low but got another scan at 30 weeks as am at risk of premature labour but they think I can go to at least 37 weeks so all is well so far, ur lil mans fine just starting to exercise his limbs give it a few weeks u won't b able to stop him lol x

  • Oh bless her! Hopefully your little lady will start filling out quickly in the next few weeks! Probably just waiting for her growth spurt! Ah glad they think you'll make it to 37 weeks just make sure you take it easy from now on!

    Yeah I'm sure he'll be fine I think after the stress of the weekend he's probably just chilling out in there (wish I could join him!), but he's been wriggling a bit more today as I had my breakfast late so I think he'll be like me & his dad - grumpy when hungry! xx

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