Do I still have hopes?

hi everyone, 

I'm on day 43 of my cycle and still no period. My cycles are usually between 30-32 (the most) I have taken 2 pregnancy test and they were negative. I went to the Dr. Today and they did another urine pregnancy test and of course it was negative. My hubby and I have had unprotected sex so there's is Possibility of me being pregnant. I know the odds are probably against me but I want to hear from y'all if any of you have tested positive even after getting negative urine pregnancy tests? About 2 weeks ago my breast were really sore for about a week and I with tought my period was coming but here we are 2 weeks later and still nothing and my breasts are not sore anymore. I spotted Monday and yesterday and it stopped today. I never in my life spotted before my periods but I thought since I was spotting that meant my period was on its way. I still have hopes to get a positive. Please share your experiences. I have been lightheaded but other than that I don't have any other symptoms. 

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