Boy Or Girl

Hi all,

Of course myself and my husband are hoping for a healthy baby number .

In addition as he has 2 girls from previous relationship and we have full custody as my step daugheters were secretly hoping for a Baby boy.

I have read that it can help the timing of intercouse is this correct ?

It says if you have sex before ovulation like 3-4 days chances are more stacking in your favour of having a girl but if you have sex the day before or day of ovulation the chance are your more likely to have a boy ?

It states that the X sperm ( girl ) is slower to reach the egg but lives twice as long as the Y sperm ( boy ) who are the little fast swimmers but dont last as long

can any of you lovely mammy's offer any openions on this


Jen xx


  • There are lots of beliefs on gender conception - if the man is a certain temperature he is more likely to produce male sperm, how often you have sex whilst fertile (if you have more frequent sex you're more likely to have a girl), what mummy eats whilst trying to fall pregnant (sweet treats for a girl, savoury for a boy), the age of mummy coupled with the time of year (chinese gender prediction)....

    Sadly most of this is just theory & won't always come true in practice.

  • Cheers KazzieM , ill just have to be patient so lol xx

  • Its a load of rubbish as are the old wives tales lol I conceived on ov day, carrying like a boy, had a very boyish nub on my 12 week scan and have all the supposed boy symptoms and cravings. Was praying for a boy but we're having girl no 2. Of course a healthy baby is the main thing tho x

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