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is it to early?

I'm 17 and currently 12 weeks pregnant. i was just wondering and it might sound a little crazy but am i too early to be excited because at the moment i just want to buy all the necessary needs? image 


EDD: 11th April 2014 xxxx


  • Course it's not Hun, it's great that ur looking forward to ur arrival. Certainly not too early to start buying either, I'm 21 weeks and just purchased my pram that's it I'm all ready for her 19 weeks early lol x

  • See ive found all the stuff that i want haha but ive been told to wait for the 20 week scan to see what im having, i just want the process to hurry up so i can by loads of things haha. I've even started to right down excatly where to get them from and look anywhere else for bargins haha. i'm really excited to meet the little one now haha 

    EDD 11th April 2014 xxxx

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