I am Maggie!

I am 18 years old about to have my 1st child and scared out of my mind,  my mom thinks I should give the baby up but I won't do that.  I am 18 weeks along and we found out I am having a little girl.  my mom is not wantng me to keep her like I said but I am going to keep her. my boyfriends mom on the other hand has been here for me more then my own my has!  I have moved in with him.  my mom and dont talk I have though about going over there and talking to her but I don't know tell me what you think please thank.




  • Hi maggie


    You should do what you feel is best for you. Yes your young and thats probs what your mum is most concerned about but you can prove to her that you can do it! Although its sad that your mum has reacted the way she has in a time when she should be there for you most at least you have your Bf's mum there to help you guys, im sure she will be able to offer you as much support and advice that you need!

    I wouldnt give up on your mum just yet, when did you tell her your news? She's maybe still got alot of things going on in her head and worrying about you. I would go around to see her and go armed with your plans for when baby arrives maybe ask for her opinions on what she found was best when she had you like show her that you want to be a responsible mum then she might stop worrying about you so much!

    You must be due in March too im due the 1st image

    Hope everything works out for the best with your mum, keep us posted x

  • i was only 18 when i fell the first time and my mum didnt react very well at all and even suggested an abortion!! 

    being young doesnt mean you cant be a awesome mum yourself!!!

    give her time she might come around


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