Baby not moving

Hi all I've been really ill all weekend with this sickness bug, couldn't keep anything in yesterday but luckily had a decent nights sleep and feeling loads better today. Baby  has been moving loads as usual but she normally wakes me up a few times in the night and always has a wriggle in the morning. I don't remember feeling her last night and haven't felt anything yet this morn. I'm gona call the midwife if I don't feel  anything soon but just wondering if maybe it could just be that she's sleeping more cuz I've been so poorly? image x


  • how far along are you? I had real wigglers with my two girls and both of them gave me a couple of days here and there where i hardly felt them, often it was because they had moved positions or I had a busy few days. Im not sure if they get more tired when we are unwell, but my two certainly rested more at night if i had been up and about all day! hope you get reassured by your midwife!

  • I'm 22 n a half weeks. I got a doppler and used that this morning her lil hearts still going at it like the clappers so I guess she's just resting as I've had hardly any sleep n been so sick. Ill just feel better when she's moved I think as she's normally really active x

  • glad things are good! take it easy for a couple of days and i bet she'll respond to your calm! x

  • you can try and motivate her to move by drinking an icy cold drink or something sugary like coke or something. i went to hospital once during my first pg around 29 weeks because baby hadnt moved all day and it was fine. he was just resting. x

  • Thanks, she started up eventually she's still a tad quiet but think she's just getting her energy up, that sick bug nearly killed me off! X

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