Could there still be a chance?

Okay, so I'm totally new to this - and petrified. I have had unprotected sex quite a few times with no pregnancy which as people around me started to get pregnant I was worried... Surley out of all lifes mistakes that I have done being pregnant should have been a consequence when I was teenager.

However, now, I am in a committed relationship and we have unprotected sex regularly... And I am now 15 days late,. I am waiting for some tests to come back from the doctors whether or not I am pregnant, I do feel quite rubbish but maybe not enough to be pregnant? I don't want to get my hopes up if I'm not...

I have started bleeding as well, which is quite dark and I feel devastated. I really do, I know I would love my child more than life itself, but why is life being so cruel to me!


  • getting pregnant isnt easy. and if 100 healthy fertile couples have unprotected sex every other day for 1year.... after 1year 90 of them will have become pregnant.

    also periods can be late for alot of reasons, stress, illness. havent you taken a home pregnancy test?

  • I did, two, a positive and negative... It happens every so often, the glimpse of hope and I always have to end up having blood tests...

    Think because I've worried myself so much over the past year that I can't give the love of my life what he wants... Is that silly?
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