when did you feel your second baby move?

Im 11+4 and can't wait to feel that first squiggle image I was around 14 weeks with DD, so hopefully wont have too much longer to wait. Just wondering when other mums felt their second babies move? Xx


  • First shifting sensation was about 12 weeks, first kick 15 weeks. Can't believe ur almost 12 weeks already! X

  • funny you say 12 weeks lh cause i'm the same as amy and i could of sworn i felt like a little movement the other night i was lying on the couch and my 6 year old came up and laid with me and he feel asleep and placed his hand on my belly and i swear on my life i felt a little movement kinda of like a air bubble in my belly was unreal it could of been but prob not who knows but i'm super excited to hopefully feel more movements very soon

  • Thats why I asked Jay! Last night I was lying on my back and felt a weird sort of fizzy feeling? Kinda felt like tiny gas bubbles but in the wrong place, almost behind my pubic bone. I can't remember feeling early movements with Bella so not sure what it feels like, first movement from bella was a boot in the bladder lol - there was no mistaking it because I nearly weed myself! Getting so excited for my scan this coming monday image xxx
  • The only way I can describe it is like something moving. Like something turning over inside you. I had that with my first about 16 weeks. And now she's moving all the time there's no mistaking that's what it was. Then one tiny kick at 15 weeks then no more kicks till about 17 weeks. Ru finding out the flavour on Monday? x

  • No honey doubt they'll be able to tell me yet I'll only be 12+3 xx
  • Of course lol! baby brain! Ru finding out at ur 20 week scan? X

  • Yeah image can't wait. Dh is hoping for blue this time but I have a gut feeling we're pink again. I don't mind either way image xxx
  • I bet you can't hun , exciting times , looking forward to seeing the scan pics ,we can all have a guess at the gender , how you feeling now , hope the energy levels are returning x x

    How you doing LH , have you got an impressive bump yet , been looking at maternity clothes on line , not got much of a selection where I am , n so much cheaper off Ebay , can't wait to get a bump , n feel movement , hoping to get an early scan , keeping everything crossed(including my legs )image til we know everyting is going along as it should x x  

  • I wanted blue badly, he wasn't fussed but were really happy to b having 2 of a kind. And I've said I wanna try again at some point lol x

  • i cant remeber when i felt my dd's move but i cant wait to feel this one as the dad of my dd's wasnt that bothered but i know my oh will be!!

    as maternity clothes ive been looking and new look has a fairly good well priced selection!!


  • Oh I hope it's soon bellasmummy.

    Wow you felt Bella at 14 weeks? That is really early. Perhaps it means you did feel this one at 12 weeks.

    I felt ds at 16+5 and that is apparently early for your first.

    By the way make sure you prop yourself up if on your back. After 12 weeks you aren't supposed to lie flat in your back.image
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