Spotting after sex


I'm 9 weeks pregnant and last night me and my boyfriend was fooling around, we didn't have sex but we did other things.

this is the first time we have done anything since I have found out where expecting. I went to the toilet shortly after and when I wiped myself I was spotting a little which was red blood. This isint new to me as I tend to when we do what we did but because I'm pregnant it's made me worried. 


I have already been in A+E due to spotting a couple week back, I had a early scan and they found the course which was a bruise on my right side and also they noticed a cyst on my left. I had swabs done and also clear from infections. This morning I wasn't spotting but round about half ten when I was at work after my forth wee I wiped and spotted again..rung the midwife and she said not to worry as its common and to only go hospital if it becomes heavy and loads but again I've not spotted since. 


Im such a worrier which I know isint good for me and the baby but I'm just wondering if anyone else gets this? I've had a couple twinges and bloated feeling today but that's normal but because of whats happened its just makes me think sooo much......any advice would be great imageimage xx


  • I spotted right thru to 10 weeks at one point I was having watery pink and red blood with brown stringy bits in and had such bad backache I was convinced I was gona wake up in the night  and lose my baby but 9 week scan showed a lol bean with a heartbeat flickering away. I'm almost 24 weeks now. Hang on in there n take it easy xx

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